Pediatric Eye Doctor Minnetonka MN | Does Your Child Need Eyeglasses? (Part 1)

Pediatric Eye Doctor Minnetonka MN

Every child is different, and each child requires different things in order for them to live a healthy and happy life. For many children, it is the case that they have one or more eye conditions impacting their everyday life. However, they may not realize this or know how to express it. Parents and guardians fortunately can be mindful of several signs when it comes to knowing if their child needs glasses to help their vision. Here are 3 things to keep in mind to help determine if your child could benefit from eyeglasses: Pediatric Eye Doctor Minnetonka MN

Trouble Reading

One major sign to watch for is if your child has trouble reading. There are many potential causes for a child who struggles when reading, from trouble with phonics & comprehension, having a difficult time concentrating, and so much more. Determining if your child is having trouble reading due to vision problems is immensely important to help bolster their success in school and everyday life. You can sit down with your child and try reading different sized fonts to see if that makes a difference in their reading. It’s also important to take your child to your pediatric eye doctor to determine if their vision is impacting their ability to read.

Rubbing the Eyes

Eye rubbing can often go beyond a sign that your child is tired. If you notice your child is rubbing their eyes frequently or extensively, this can indicate they are having a hard time seeing. It could also point to your child suffering from dry eyes or allergies. You might also notice that your child’s eyes are tearing up excessively, which could be a medical condition. It’s a good idea to contact your local eye doctor to determine the cause of your child’s behavior, whether it’s excessive rubbing, blinking, eyes watering, or something else entirely.

Visit Your Eye Doctor

Sometimes, it can be very hard to know if your child is struggling with their vision. They may not even realize it themselves; if poor vision is all they know, they may not know how to express it and have been accustomed to poor vision, and not realize that their vision could immensely improve with corrective lenses. Ensuring your child’s vision is serving them properly is important, as it impacts virtually every aspect of their lives. Your local eye doctor can help determine if your child’s vision requires intervention and provide an accurate diagnosis to get your child on the best path to ocular wellness. Getting kid’s eyeglasses in Minnetonka MN is an easy process when you contact your local pediatric eye doctor in Minnetonka Minnesota. At Insight Vision, we will take extra time to help your child find the right eye glasses for them. We want to ensure your child will be comfortable in the glasses and can see well, but we also want to ensure your child will like the style and look of them. It is important your child likes their glasses because this will make it more likely they will wear them!

To learn more about children’s eyeglasses, or any other ocular services you or your child may require, contact Insight Vision Care. We are your local eye doctor in Minnetonka MN and can help ensure your child’s vision is serving them best. Contact us today to learn more and watch for Part 2 of this blog series for a few more indicators that your child may need eyeglasses. We want to help you and your child find the best eye wear so you child can see well and enjoy their glasses so they will be more likely to wear them. Learn more on our website: or give us a call to find out if we are a good match for your and your family! We look forward to helping you soon!


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Pediatric Eye Doctor Minnetonka MN

Pediatric Eye Doctor Minnetonka MN

Pediatric Eye Doctor Minnetonka MN

Pediatric Eye Doctor Minnetonka MN


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