Pediatric Eye Doctor Bloomington MN | Does Your Child Need Glasses? (Part 2)

Pediatric Eye Doctor Bloomington MN

There are many indicators that your child may require glasses in order for their vision to be healthy. Part 1 of this blog series noted that trouble reading, frequent rubbing of the eyes, and visiting your local eye doctor are signs to watch for and ways to help determine if your child is struggling with their vision. Here are a few more signs that your child may need glasses: Pediatric Eye Doctor Bloomington MN

Frequent Squinting

If you notice your child is squinting in order to see things better, this is often a clear sign that your child is struggling with their vision. Squinting can be an indicator of refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness), and your child could benefit from getting glasses. Contact your eye doctor to determine the root of the problem and get the proper diagnosis to set your child on the path to clear vision.

Being Clumsy

Clumsiness is just a part of some people, but oftentimes, it’s an indicator that a person’s vision is lacking. Bumping into things when moving about or tripping a lot can be normal for children, but don’t just ignore these as a sign of a kid being a kid, especially if the clumsiness continues to persist. Take your child to your local eye doctor to determine if the problem goes beyond the sporadic “oops moments.” Another sign that your child is having trouble with their vision is if they are regularly sitting too close to something, especially a television screen or computer monitor. This can indicate they are struggling to see and need to adjust their distance in order to see things more clearly.

Covering an Eye

Have you noticed that your child covers (or closes) one of their eyes when concentrating on something? This might happen when reading or watching television. Covering up an eye in order to concentrate could point to astigmatism, which can typically be corrected with eyeglasses. Exotropia is another potential issue, meaning sensitivity to bright light. Whatever the case, it’s important to have your child seen by an optometrist to determine the cause. Ensure your child gets the right diagnosis so they can get the right treatment for their condition.

Regular Headaches

If your child has vision troubles, it can take a toll on their physical wellbeing. People often experience headaches or even nausea when they are using extra effort in order to focus on an object. The immense concentration can cause tension and cause headaches just to utilize their vision. Headaches can have several causes, so it’s a good idea to visit your local optometrist to determine if your child’s headaches are caused by poor vision. Getting eyeglasses can be absolutely life-changing for a child who has been struggling to see the world around them!

Contact Insight Vision Care, your local pediatric eye doctor in Bloomington Minnesota, to learn more about children’s eyeglasses and other services that can help promote healthy vision for your children. We are your local pediatric opthalmologist in Bloomington MN and look forward to helping your child see the world clearly!

Pediatric Eye Doctor Bloomington MN

Pediatric Eye Doctor Bloomington MN

Pediatric Eye Doctor Bloomington MN


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