Eye Emergencies to See Your Children’s Eye Doctor (Part 2)

Eye Emergencies to See Your Children's Eye Doctor

We all know that it’s important to take good care of your eyes and eyesight. Unfortunately, circumstances may happen somewhere along the line that constitutes an emergency visit to your pediatric ophthalmologist. A number of things may constitute an eye emergency, including any time a foreign object or chemicals enter the eye(s), or if an injury or burn impacts the eye or eye area. Getting prompt medical treatment is imperative, as neglecting the necessary care can have dire consequences such as eye damage, partial loss of vision, or blindness. If you or your child has an eye emergency, contact your local ophthalmologist right away. Part 1 of this blog series noted a few potential eye emergencies where it’s important to see your local eye doctor; here are a few more circumstances when you may need to schedule an emergency eye doctor visit: Eye Emergencies to See Your Children’s Eye Doctor

Eye Pain or Severe Headaches

Pain in the eye or severe headaches can be a major indicator that something is wrong. This could look like a sharp or stabbing pain that is not only painful but also makes it difficult for your child to open his/her eyes. Discharge from the eye (mucous) that does not go away when you wipe it away is another sign; it may be clear, yellowish-greenish, greenish-black, or blood-tinged. This can be caused by conjunctivitis (pink eye). Severe and uncharacteristic headaches could also be an indicator that something is wrong and your child should see the eye doctor right away.

Itching Eyes

You might notice your child rubbing their eyes before bedtime, and this is normal because it’s a sign of being tired. However, itching the eyes can also point to more negative effects. Itching of the eyes is a common symptom of an eye infection. Itching may be accompanied by redness, discharge, and/or pain. Examples of infections that can cause itching can include conjunctivitis (pink eye), blepharitis, and dacryocystitis. It also may indicate that a foreign object has entered the eye, and it’s important to get it removed to minimize the damage to the eye. Visit your local eye doctor if your notice any abnormal eye itching or irritation.

Contact your children’s eye doctor if you’re worried about your child’s vision.

Call your children’s eye doctor if you’re worried about your child’s vision. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your child’s health and wellness. There are many potential signs that your child’s vision is lacking or that their eye has sustained some kind of injury or emergency. For example, double vision or sensitivity to light are two signs that something is amiss and your child should see a pediatric eye doctor right away. If you are concerned about your child’s eyes and/or vision, contact your children’s eye doctor.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local pediatric eye doctor in Edina MN if you have concerns about your child’s eyes or vision. At Insight Vision Care, we want to help ensure your child is healthy and that their eyes and vision are as healthy as they can be. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment with your local optometrist in Edina MN if you have any concerns.

Eye Emergencies to See Your Children’s Eye Doctor

Eye Emergencies to See Your Children’s Eye Doctor


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