Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Eden Prairie MN | Eye Emergencies to See Your Pediatric Eye Doctor (Part 1)

 Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Eden Prairie MN

Your child’s health and wellness is a top priority, which is why if there are ever any concerns it’s imperative to see a professional right away. If you notice that your child’s eyes are bothering them, there are several potential causes that could constitute an eye emergency and warrant a trip to your local pediatric ophthalmologist. Here are 3 times when it’s important to see your local children’s eye doctor:  Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Eden Prairie MN

Eye Irritation or Redness

Redness, itching, or burning in the eye can be caused by many conditions. Some are due to allergies (such as a pollen allergy), infections, or other causes. Other causes include poor hygiene (especially related to contact lens wear), eye makeup and cosmetics, foreign bodies in the eye, and scratches on the cornea. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to not ignore eye irritation. If you notice your child is excessively itching their eye(s), if they’re complaining of eye pain, or if their eyes are irritated or red, it’s a good idea to contact your local children’s eye doctor. Your eye doctor can assess what may be causing the eye irritation and/or redness. It is important to get eye issues take care of before they turn into a larger and more serious problem.

Eye Injury

Eye injuries can be minor or severe, but regardless, they can cause permanent damage if not treated right away. Eye injuries have several potential causes such as a direct blow to the eye, an object hitting the eye, or chemical exposure to your child’s eyes. An eye injury can also make your child’s eyes irritated and/or red.

An example of an eye injury caused by a foreign object in the eye is when you’re playing baseball and one of your teammates hits you in the face with his baseball glove while trying to catch a ball thrown by another teammate. In this case, dirt from inside the baseball glove scrapes across the cornea (the clear dome that covers and protects your eyeball). The dirt may scratch the cornea and damage its surface so that it doesn’t work correctly anymore. In another case, chemical exposure can occur when chemicals such as bleach get into a person’s eyes and irritate them badly enough that they have trouble seeing clearly afterward. Get prompt medical attention if your child sustains an eye injury.

Sudden Vision Loss

If you or your child experiences sudden vision loss, it is important to see an eye doctor right away. Sudden vision loss can signal the presence of a serious eye problem such as an injury, infection, disease, or tumor. It’s important to contact your local pediatric eye doctor to determine the problem and get a professional diagnosis to minimize the potential lasting impacts. Sudden vision loss can be extremely serious, so prompt medical attention is imperative. Contact your local vision specialist at your pediatric eye doctor. The eye doctors at Insight Vision Care are specialized and will do what they can to help your child to figure out what caused the vision loss and what the next steps are going to be.

It’s important to get immediate care for your child if you notice their eyesight or vision is abnormal. Getting prompt and professional is important for avoiding long-term damage. Contact Insight Vision Care, your local pediatric eye doctor in Eden Prairie MN, to ensure your child gets the care they need. We want to help you and your child find the best eyewear so you child can see well and enjoy their glasses so they will be more likely to wear them. Learn more on our website: or give us a call to find out if we are a good match for your and your family! We look forward to helping you soon!


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 Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Eden Prairie MN

 Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Eden Prairie MN

Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Eden Prairie MN

Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Eden Prairie MN


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