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Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN | Do I Need an Eye Exam?

Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN

Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN | Do I Need an Eye Exam?

Screen Fatigue versus Vision Loss

One of the biggest reasons adults today may have concerns about their eyes relates back to the amount of time they spend on a phone screen. Staring at any screen or close surface for a long period of time can cause what’s called screen fatigue, which is a form of visual stress. It can make your eyes feel tired and irritated, and even cause headaches when looking away from the screen. But many people confuse this with an actual vision problem. Over time, repeated screen fatigue can result in vision damage- but it can be easily avoided by taking a few precautionary steps. When you work on a screen all day- whether for work or school, you can help reduce the stress your eyes go under by taking screen breaks. Take a minute to look away from your screen at something farther away- ideally 20 feet or more. Let your eyes focus on this point, and wait until they feel comfortable and relaxed again before returning to the screen. This will help prevent any strain on your eyes. However, if you’re practicing healthy strategies to reduce the amount of eye strain you experience on a day to day basis and still notice issues with your eyes refusing to focus or cloudy vision and constant headaches, then it’s time to schedule an eye exam. An eye exam can detect any underlying issues that may be causing your eyes to have trouble focusing or feeling tired, and will also provide you with a baseline of health from which you can work. If your eyesight is suffering from the strain of too much screen time, schedule an eye exam today. If you’d like to find a Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Bloomington MN, contact Insight Vision Care today.

Family History of Eye Disease

If you know that those in your family have a history of eye disease, then it makes sense to get an eye exam scheduled regularly to make sure your eye health is not deteriorating. An annual eye exam is a great way of keeping an eye on your own health and the health of your family. If you have a family history of eye disease, then it’s especially important to schedule an eye exam. Taking your children to their local pediatric ophthalmologist is a great way of monitoring their health and ensuring that they get the care they need before any vision problems start to develop. Here at Insight Vision Care, we can provide an Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN

Difficulty Reading or Concentrating

If you’ve begun to notice that you have harder than usual difficulty reading or concentrating, then it’s time to consider an eye exam. These are some of the earliest signs you can look out for when it comes to deteriorating vision. The older you get, the more common it is for your eyesight to begin to deteriorate. This doesn’t mean that you need to panic, though—there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent or slow down the process of age-related macular degeneration. Speaking with a local eye doctor is a great way of finding a treatment plan to help preserve your vision for as long as possible, and ensuring that you always have the right treatment options available.

Frequent Headaches

If you’ve been experiencing frequent headaches, it may be time to schedule an eye exam. Headaches can be an early warning sign that you’re experiencing changes to your vision, and a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to determine whether or not you need to seek treatment. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, it’s important to get them checked out by an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Constant Eye Watering

If you notice that your eyes are constantly watering, it could be a sign of dry eye. Dry eye is a common condition that many people experience at some point in their lives. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including age and lifestyle choices, but most commonly it’s due to damage to the tear glands within your eyelids. If you’re experiencing constant eye watering, schedule an appointment with an optometrist as soon as possible to determine what steps need to be taken next. They can help you to determine if your dry eye is caused by allergies, or something more sinister, and they can help to develop a treatment plan that can restore your eye health and reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

At Insight Vision Care, we would be happy to help you and your family with all your vision needs. Whether it’s comprehensive eye exams, eye surgery, treatment plans, eyewear, or a different need, Insight Vision Care is always here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to get your questions about eye care answered. We are your local eye doctor who can help you with an Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN

Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN

Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN

Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN

Eye Exam Near Me Bloomington MN

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