Defined by slim silhouettes, innovative materials, and simple constructions, the MODO collection combines design and function for beautiful results. By pushing the limits of optical technology and comfort, we offer unparalleled strength and lasting quality.


ECO brings sustainability and social responsibility full circle – from the materials that are used to the trees that are planted that clean the air and enable farmers to support their communities. Over 1.5 million trees have been planted so far!

The frames are colorful and playful, and with new styles you can even add a magnetic sun clip to maximize your ECO® look!

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It’s not every day that the choices you make can immediately change someone’s life. For every 141 Eyewear purchase, we give a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need. 

Something as small as a pair of glasses has the power to change a person’s life and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

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Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is color, quality, culture. They are Mediterranean, independent, and rebel. They are tradition and innovation. And they are also the city that inspires them: Barcelona.



WOOW was created as a collection under FACE A FACE, and has now grown into a strong individual brand for the young and bold, sold in more than 40 countries across the world.

Between traditional style and casual fashion, chick and off-beat with a trendy London feel, the WOOW style will speak to all with a sense of humor. The little message inserted in the end tip of the frame will make you smile first thing in the morning.

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Be inspired by the colorful and great shapes of the Essential Collection. Explore the urban vibes of The Danish Heritage Collection.

Fall in love with the beautiful details of The Iris Collection.  Be impressed by the innovation and minimalistic design of The Axiom Collection.


International studies show that more than 10% of the adult population has a small pupil distance (PD). So far, the availability of suitable fitting frames for these individuals has been limited and that is why we introduce NIFTIES.

The new NIFTIES frames are exclusively designed to fit adults with fine facial features. 


Mark Dolabany, the company’s designer and CEO, started his career in the optical industry during high school, when he worked for a local business fixing eyeglasses during his summer vacations. Later, he would move on to other aspects of the company.

His love for the industry is reflected in his own eyewear designs, which feature quality acetate, multi-barrel hinges and and rivets in his own eyewear designs, demonstrating his passion for the industry. Mark’s designs are inspired by the same high–quality craftsmanship he saw as a child.

Dilli Daily

Unrivaled comfort and reliability in a safe, budget-friendly eyewear range that parents have come to rely on.
The Dilli Dalli paediatric eyewear collection was created to meet the needs of parents and their children. It features unsurpassed reliability, a supportive fit, and adorable style. This advanced range, which features IntelliFlex TM technology, combines fashion and function!


We can change our hairstyles, attitudes, and socks on a daily basis. Why can’t we do the same for our glasses?

That’s where funoogles enters the picture. Every day of the week, funoogles is a new pair of glasses or sunglasses. You can change the design and colour of your frames with a few simple snaps to match your mood.

Plus, maintaining your funoogles is inexpensive!


db4k’s mission is to make glasses kids want to wear. With db4k styles, kids can have fun with eyewear and express their personalities. It’s not about characters or branding, it’s about showing off the awesome people they already are. It’s time to give kids the cool glasses they deserve – db4k hereby proclaims, wearing glasses should be fun!  

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Erin’s World glasses have shortened temples, extra large frame fronts, and a lowered bridge. TR90 or 180° spring hinges are used on the temples.

The need for a frame line that caters to people with low nose bridges was recognized by Specs4Us.
Since our frames are the first thing our customers put on in the morning, they have been shown to improve quality of life.


Glasses for babies and children are made by us. Any parent with a child who wears glasses can have the same feelings and requirements. My child often wears glasses, and my goal is to instill trust in them and make them smile when they are wearing them.

When a parent learns that their child has poor vision, they can feel powerless…
We do, however, want you to be relieved that you found out about this today. Since today marks the start of a new era in your child’s vision.