Indications Your Child Has Vision Problems (Part 2)

Indications Your Child Has Vision Problems

If your child has vision problems, this is impacting their life as a whole. Part 1 of this blog series noted that excessive squinting, trouble concentrating in (and out) of school, and closing one eye and/or tilting the head can indicate your child is experiencing trouble with their vision. Your local pediatric eye doctor can help you determine the proper diagnosis and treatment path for your child. It’s important for parents and guardians to be aware of the signs that point to vision trouble; here are 3 more indicators that your child is experiencing vision problems: Indications Your Child Has Vision Problems

Excessive Eye Rubbing

If your child is rubbing their eyes a lot, it could mean they’re tired, but it could also point to other problems relating to vision. A child who rubs their eyes frequently and excessively may be having one or more types of vision problems. Eye rubbing in excess can point to fatigue in the eyes or eye strain. Rubbing the eyes can also damage the eyes and/or make the vision problem worse, so it’s important to contact your local ophthalmology clinic in Plymouth MN right away to determine the best course of action.

Sitting too Close to Screens

Another indication that your child is having trouble with vision is if they’re sitting too close to the television screen or holding hand-held devices such as cell phones too close to their eyes. It could be that your child needs glasses and/or has myopia (being nearsighted). Holding an object closer to the eyes helps clarify the image. In addition to screens, this could apply to books or anything that your child brings closer to their eyes in order to adequately see/read. Sitting too close to screens can be harmful to the eyes, so contact your local pediatric eye doctor in Plymouth MN to schedule an appointment.

Headaches and/or Eye Pain

Finally, headaches and/or eye pain can be a major indicator that your child is having trouble with their vision and/or eyes. Headaches can have a number of causes, and it’s important to get the proper treatment to alleviate the symptoms. A headache and/or eye pains can mean that your child is overexerting their eyes in an attempt to better their focus, causing strain and pain. A vision test may be conducted to determine if your child needs glasses or if they require treatment from a pediatric opthalmologist.

If your child is having vision problems, it’s impacting several areas of their life including their health and wellbeing. Knowing the signs to look for to help determine if your child is having eye problems is crucial. If you notice that your child is suffering from headaches and/or eye pain, is sitting too close to screens, is rubbing their eyes excessively, or any other concerning behavior, contact Insight Vision Care for pediatric eye care in Plymouth MN.

Indications Your Child Has Vision Problems

Indications Your Child Has Vision Problems


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