Kid Eye Doctor in Lakeville MN | When Should You See an Eye Doctor? (Part 1)

Kid Eye Doctor in Lakeville MN

If you’re a parent, especially a first-time parent, you may be concerned about your child’s health sometimes. This is perfectly normal. If you are having vision concerns for your child but are not sure if you should see a doctor yet, this blog will go through some signs that you may want to see a professional. Continue reading to learn more: Kid Eye Doctor in Lakeville MN

One Eye Turns in While the Other Looks Straight

If you notice that one eye turns in while the other looks straight, this may be from strabismus. Strabismus is a condition that can cause vision problems and headaches. It occurs when the muscles that control eye movement are not working properly. Sometimes people are born with strabismus, but it can also develop later in life as a result of an eye injury or stroke. If you do have this condition, treatment may help improve your vision and reduce the symptoms associated with double vision and headaches.

Your Toddler is Rubbing Their Eyes a Lot During the Day

When you notice your toddler rubbing his eyes a lot, it could mean that he’s tired or bored. But it may also be an indication that he has an allergy to something in the air, like pollen or animal dander. If your child is rubbing and crying because of irritation or dry eyes, it might be time to take him to an eye doctor. If your toddler can’t see clearly when he looks at something up close he might be straining his eyes which then causes them irritation or can even lead to a headache. They might be straining their eyes because they cannot focus on things due to being nearsighted or farsighted. If this is the case, it is important to visit an eye doctor who can help determine if your child needs glasses for vision correction. 

Your Child Squints or Tilts Their Head to See Better

A child squints or tilts her head to see better is a sign of a vision problem. If your child squints, she may be able to see better with her eyes turned in. This can happen at any age, but if it happens when your child is young, it could be a sign that she needs glasses. If the squinting and tilting are happening later in life (after the age of 10), it’s possible that there’s something wrong with his eye muscles or nerves or both—in this case, an eye doctor should be consulted right away.

All these are signs you may want to see a pediatric eye doctor to see if your child needs glasses or if there is another issue. If you are looking for a local eye doctor, contact Insight Vision Care. We are your local eye doctor in Lakeville, Minnesota who provide pediatric ophthalmology to ensure your young ones are feeling their best. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment with your local eye doctor in Lakeville, MN.

Kid Eye Doctor in Lakeville MN

Kid Eye Doctor in Lakeville MN

Kid Eye Doctor in Lakeville MN


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