Kids Eye Doctor in Bloomington MN | Signs Your Child Needs Glasses (Part 2)

Kids Eye Doctor in Bloomington MN

Vision is very important for all ages. It is especially important for children who are growing and learning because if they cannot see properly it may cause them to fall behind. Making sure your kid can see during class well will help ensure they are learning what they need to. Read more about what some signs are that your child may need glasses: Kids Eye Doctor in Bloomington MN

Your Child Tilts Their Head or Closes One Eye When Trying to Focus

Kids will often tilt their heads to one side or close one eye when trying to focus. That’s a sign that they have difficulty seeing the things they’re looking at, and it can be a clue that they need glasses. If your child has trouble reading, squints often, or looks cross-eyed when you talk to them, these are signs that he or she might be having trouble seeing clearly as well. It will be important that your child sees a kids eye doctor so they can get the vision help they need. 

Your Child Rubs Their Eyes Excessively

If your child is rubbing their eyes frequently, it may be a sign that they have dry eyes. Dry eyes caused by a lack of moisture can be uncomfortable and irritating, but they are not serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. You should notice improvement after applying artificial tears and changing out the air filters in the house. Your child may be rubbing their eyes because their eyes are often straining to try to focus on things around them. This might mean it is time for them to get glasses because they are nearsighted or farsighted. Once they have glasses that are the right perspective, their irritation and discomfort should go away. It is important to get your child’s eyes checked by a professional eye doctor because it could be something other than needing glasses. Certain conditions can cause eye irritation, like uveitis, and vision problems and if it goes untreated, it can lead to permanent damage. If you notice eye issues in your child, it is essential to get it checked out soon!

Your Child Holds Objects Close to Their Eyes

If your child is holding objects close to their eyes, it could be a sign that their vision is not perfect. Holding things close often makes the eyes strain which can even cause headaches in people who are trying to see clearly. If you notice that your child has this habit, it’s important to talk with them about why they’re doing it so that you can make sure they get glasses if necessary. Sometimes your child might not even realize they are doing it because it is normal or a habit for them to do.

They Struggle in Class

One of the most noticeable signs that your child needs glasses is that they struggle in class. They may not be able to see the board clearly, or they might have a hard time reading. If you notice your child falling behind academically, this could be a sign that they need vision correction. They might not speak up in class when they are having trouble seeing what the teacher is teaching so they end up falling behind because they do not understand. However, when your child works one-on-one with you or their teacher, they catch on a lot quicker and understand the material a lot better. This difference can be because when they are doing one-on-one work, they are able to see better than when being taught on a board. 

If you think your child may need glasses, take them to the eye doctor. Many children start needing glasses in elementary school so it is not uncommon. Also, your child will be able to choose the style and color of glasses they like best and have fun glasses that represent their personality. For more information on children’s eyewear in Bloomington, MN, visit Insight Vision Care. We are your local pediatric eye doctor and offer several services for family eye care and can help you and your family find the right fit so you can see. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Kids Eye Doctor in Bloomington MN

Kids Eye Doctor in Bloomington MN

Kids Eye Doctor in Bloomington MN


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