Kids Eye Doctor in Edina, MN | Does my kid’s Vision Affect their Education?

Kids Eye Doctor in Edina

Does my kid’s Vision Affect their Education?

When your kids go back to school, it’s time for their annual eye exam. Is your child just starting school? Do you want to make sure that all of their eyesight needs are taken care of? We’re here to help! At Insight Vision, we specialize in pediatric eye care. Because of this we can provide all the information you need about how to check your kid’s eyes for school. Here are some things you should know before they head off to class. If you’re looking for a Kids Eye Doctor in Edina, MN then Insight Vision can help.

You might worry about taking your child to an eye exam—they can be scary for kids! Don’t worry, we’re here for you. We’ll make sure your child feels comfortable with our staff, so they can get the best eye exam possible.

We also understand that some parents may have concerns about whether or not their child will need glasses or contacts when they start school; this is why we offer 24-hour emergency eye care services in case something happens during school hours and they need help right away. We understand what it’s like to be a parent concerned for your kids health- we’ve been there! Because of that, we know what 24-hour emergency care means to other parents.

Kids Eye Care

We’re talking about an eye exam—not just any old trip to the optometrist, but one by a pediatric ophthalmologist. It’s a specialized kind of eye doctor who knows how to look out for signs of strabismus, amblyopia, and other vision problems that can affect kids’ ability to learn at school. We know it might seem like overkill—after all, your kid’s gonna be fine, right? But think about it: if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on tuition for private school or tutors for elementary school, wouldn’t it be worth spending a little on an eye exam to make sure your kid’s visual system is as ready as they can be? In fact, it’s not just about being able to see the blackboard clearly. A child’s vision can affect their learning in so many ways!

Pediatric eye doctor

A Pediatric ophthalmologist specializes in treating children and teenagers. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months old, and then again at 1 year old, and then annually from age 3 onward. Children have several factors that affect their visual health, including their eye muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility. All of these are crucial to performing well in school and having an overall positive childhood experience.

Eye exam near me

If you’re looking for an eye doctor near you in order to check your child’s eyes for school, check out our convenient location finder on our website. We’re just down the street from the school! The importance of vision cannot be overstated, especially in young students. From eye health to academic performance, the role of corrected vision cannot be understated. Take it from those who should know: correcting a child’s eyesight doesn’t just mean taking a big burden off of them. It means providing a whole new world for them to see. If you’re looking for a Kids Eye Doctor in Edina, Minnesota,  then Insight Vision can help.

Eye muscle twitch

We can help your child combat eye twitches with contact lenses or glasses so they can see clearly at school and get the best education possible. In addition, Insight Vision can help solve a number of other vision problems.


We offer a variety of eyeglasses options for kids—including transition lenses that help with blurry vision during sports activities! You never want kids to miss out on sports just because of problems with vision. Reach out to Insight Vision to work out a plan that works for you and your child to help them stay involved in their physical activities.

How to Help your Kids Education

If you’re concerned your child is struggling with their schoolwork due to vision problems, speak with a local pediatrician or pediatric ophthalmologist. They can examine your child and determine if they might benefit from an improvement in their vision. By the same token, speak sooner rather than later—a delay may mean the difference between a smooth transition to new eyewear and eyewear that’s not suited for your student’s needs.

Lastly, it’s also important to focus on your child’s eye health in order to maintain their visual function and remain educationally eligible. Schedule regular children’s eye exams with your ophthalmologist and pediatric ophthalmologist to ensure that eye muscles, alignment issues, and other conditions are being monitored. This will help prevent any issues that might impact the visual system, as well as overall well-being. Ultimately, this is key in helping your child reach her or his full potential at school, so be sure not to miss any scheduled appointments.

We hope that this has been helpful to you. Above all, remember to keep lines of communication open with your child’s teachers and school administrators, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you might have about the health of your child’s vision. If you’re looking for a Kids Eye Doctor in Edina, Minnesota then Insight Vision can help.

keep lines of communication open with your child’s teachers and school administrators.

Kids Eye Doctor in Edina, MN

Kids Eye Doctor in Edina, MN

keep lines of communication open with your child’s teachers and school administrators.

Kids Eye Doctor in Edina, MN


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