Kids Eye Doctors Lakeville MN | Signs That Your Child Needs Glasses (Part 1)

Kids Eye Doctors Lakeville MN

Have you been suspecting that your child may be needing glasses? The signs of visual impairment in children aren’t always obvious, but there are certain signs that parents should look for in order to catch eye conditions when they’re still in their early stages. Here are some signs that your child may need glasses to look for: Kids Eye Doctors Lakeville MN

Your Child Keeps Squinting or Covering One Eye

One sign that your child may be suffering from visual impairment is if you notice that they keep squinting when looking at things or covering one eye. While squinting and covering their eyes isn’t always a for sure sign that they have a visual impairment, if you notice them doing these things fairly frequently, then you should consider bringing your child in to be assessed by a professional pediatric eye doctor.

Your Child Keeps Sitting Too Close to the TV

Another sign that your child might be experiencing difficulties seeing properly is if you notice that they tend to sit too close to the TV and other devices. When children sit excessively close to devices when using them, that can be a potential sign of nearsightedness. If your child seems to have formed these types of habits, then you should consider having their eyes properly examined.

Your Child Keeps Rubbing Their Eyes

Lastly, if you’ve been noticing that your child keeps rubbing their eyes, that’s another sign that they may have some sort of eye condition or visual impairment. Children oftentimes rub their eyes if they have to strain their eyes in order to see, and sometimes they even complain of eye pain or headaches as well. That’s why, if you notice that your child keeps excessively having issues with their eyes, you should consider having their eyes and eyesight assessed.

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Kids Eye Doctors Lakeville MN

Kids Eye Doctors Lakeville MN

Kids Eye Doctors Lakeville MN


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