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Local Eye Doctor in Minneapolis MN | When Should You See an Eye Doctor? (Part 3)

Local Eye Doctor in Minneapolis MN | When Should You See an Eye Doctor? (Part 3)

Local Eye Doctor in Minneapolis MNEye issues can be very important to take care of when you first notice them. If something is seriously wrong and it goes untreated, it can lead to permanent damage. A local eye doctor can help with eye and vision concerns you may be having. Here are some things you might want to consult a doctor about if you are experiencing: Local Eye Doctor in Minneapolis MN

You Have Often Headaches

While headaches can be caused by many things, they’re also a sign of a serious condition. Headaches can be due to light sensitivity or a glasses perception that is out of date. If you do not have the right glasses, this can cause you to strain your eyes and then lead to a headache. There are also other common causes of headaches such as too much caffeine, or stress. But if you suspect it is due to your vision, contact a local ophthalmologist. 

  • Headaches that are out of the ordinary (i.e., not related to stress or too much caffeine)
  • Frequent headaches
  • A sudden change in vision after a head injury

You may be surprised to know that many common health issues have links to eye health. For example, unexplained and chronic headaches could be an early sign of diabetes.

Your Eyes are Suddenly very Light Sensitive

If you notice that your eyes are suddenly very light-sensitive, it’s important to see an eye doctor. This symptom can be a sign of several serious eye problems, including glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Light sensitivity is usually characterized by an increase in the brightness of lights. The visual symptoms include a halo effect around lights or even a glow surrounding them. These symptoms can also cause headaches as well as blurred vision and halos around bright objects or images.

Seeing an Eye Doctor Doesn’t Have to be a Scary Thing

You don’t have to be scared of the eye doctor. You can ask questions about what tests they are doing and why or about other concerns you have about your eyes. A doctor will answer the questions to the best of their ability. If you are having a vision problem, they may ask you questions like “when did this start?” or “are your eyes sensitive to light?”. These are questions that will help them determine how to help you with your vision problems. And sometimes you will get follow-up appointments scheduled to be sure your eyes are healing if you need to be treated for an injury. If you’re nervous, find an eye doctor who makes you feel comfortable—someone who answers your questions and explains things in terms that make sense to you. If you are looking for an eye doctor for your children, find an eye doctor who specializes in pediatrics so because they will be the best with kids to make sure your children have a pleasant experience.

 If you are looking for an eye doctor near you, contact Insight Vision Care. We are your local eye clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can help with any vision issues or concerns you have. In addition, we specialize in pediatric ophthalmology so we can make sure your children get the best care and are not scared. Schedule an appointment with Insight Vision Care, we would love to help you today! 

Local Eye Doctor in Minneapolis MN

Local Eye Doctor in Minneapolis MN

Local Eye Doctor in Minneapolis MN