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Minneapolis MN Pediatric Ophthalmologists | Pediatric Eye Exam FAQ

Minneapolis MN Pediatric Ophthalmologists | Pediatric Eye Exam FAQ

Minneapolis MN Pediatric OphthalmologistsIs your child at an age where they’re due for eye exams? Have you been contemplating whether or not you should schedule an eye appointment for your child? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we tend to receive regarding pediatric eye exams and what to know about them: Minneapolis MN Pediatric Ophthalmologists

Why are eye exams important?

Eye exams for children are important for a number of reasons. For one, since your child is still growing, their eyes are constantly changing everyday. This means that even if they didn’t have eye or vision-related problems before, their eyes could always change and they may require treatment. Moreover, children oftentimes can’t communicate what they’re experiencing or how they’re feeling, so vision-related problems can easily go undetected. That’s why it’s important to have your child’s eyes examined by a professional eye doctor so that eye and vision-related issues can be caught and treated early on.

Does my child need to go to the eye doctor even if their eyes seem fine?

Another frequently asked question that we often receive is: is it really necessary to take your child to the eye doctor even if their eyes seem fine? And the answer is: YES. The reason is because vision and eye-related problems can’t always be easily detected or noticed and, oftentimes, children aren’t able to express how they feel or what they’re experiencing, so it can be difficult to tell if your child really does have any vision-related problems or not until their eyes have been assessed by  a professional.

What does a children’s eye exam entail?

Lastly, we also often get asked about what all a kids’ eye exam entails. Some of the things that a pediatric eye doctor will assess when examining your child’s eyes include:

  • Their eye alignment and eye movement
  • Their visual acuity
  • Their eyes’ refraction
  • Ophthalmoscopy

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Dr. Jafar Hasan is fellowship trained in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus with expertise in the medical and surgical care of eye diseases in children. Dr. Afira Hasan is a primary care optometrist.

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Minneapolis MN Pediatric Ophthalmologists

Minneapolis MN Pediatric Ophthalmologists

Minneapolis MN Pediatric Ophthalmologists