Minneapolis Pediatric Ophthalmology | What Types of Eye Conditions Require Surgery?

Minneapolis Pediatric Ophthalmology

Does your child have an eye condition? Are you concerned that they may have to undergo eye surgery in order to treat their eye condition? While most eye conditions can be treated without the need for eye surgery, there are certain eye conditions that can only be treated with eye surgery. Here are some of the common types of pediatric eye conditions that may require eye surgery: Minneapolis Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Tear Duct Surgery

One of the most common types of eye surgery procedures that children tend to get is tear duct surgery. When a child has a blocked tear duct that won’t open naturally, they may have to undergo a surgical procedure in order to open the tear duct in their eye. This procedure typically involves inserting a metal probe into the tear duct system from the eyelid opening into the nasal passage. Tear duct probing is a highly safe and routine surgical procedure. Tear duct probing procedures involve general anesthesia, and are usually performed in an outpatient surgery center. In some cases, a silicone stent may also need to be inserted into the tear duct system and left for several weeks before needing to be removed.

Pediatric Eye Muscle Surgery

Another common type of eye surgery procedure that children tend to get is eye muscle surgery. Children who have misaligned eyes may need to undergo eye muscle surgery, which entails loosening or tightening the muscles to adjust how they function. When a child’s eye alignment improves, their eyes will be able to function together. Eye muscle surgery is an outpatient procedure that requires general anesthesia and is usually performed in a surgery center.

Chalazion Drainage

Lastly, in some cases, a child may need to get a chalazion drainage procedure done if necessary. Children who have a chalazion that is long-standing and that won’t resolve with standard treatment methods may need have it surgically drained. This is done by flipping the eyelid and making an incision underneath it, which allows the oily material within the chalazion to drain. This procedure is typically done under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center.

To learn more about the eye surgery procedures we offer here at Insight Vision Care, feel free to contact your local eye doctors in Minneapolis MN, today.

Minneapolis Pediatric Ophthalmology

Minneapolis Pediatric Ophthalmology

Minneapolis Pediatric Ophthalmology


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