Optometrist in Eden Prairie Minnesota | When Should You See an Eye Doctor? (Part 2)

Optometrist in Eden Prairie Minnesota

Are you noticing changes in your vision or with your eyes? There are a variety of things that can cause blurred vision, pain, or double vision. Sometimes the best action is to visit a local eye doctor. Here are some reasons you may want to schedule an appointment: Optometrist in Eden Prairie Minnesota

You Experience Sudden Blurred Vision

If you experience sudden blurred vision, it’s important to see your optometrist right away. Blurred vision can be a symptom of many eye conditions, including:

  • Eye muscle spasms
  • Scratches on the cornea (the clear part at the front of your eye)
  • Injuries to the eyes or head

In most cases, if you need a new glasses prescription then your vision would blur gradually. However, if your vision suddenly becomes blurry without any warning or explanation—and especially if this occurs during physical activity—it’s crucial that you seek medical attention immediately. A sudden vision change is not normal and should be looked at in case it is more serious and treated if necessary. 

You Feel Pain Behind Your Eyes

There are many causes of pain behind the eyes. Dry eye is one cause and it is common in the elderly. Dry eye occurs when there isn’t enough moisture on the surface of your eye to keep it from drying out. This can be caused by many things, including allergies and certain medications. The good news is that dry eye can usually be treated with artificial tears or by applying a cooling compress to your eyelids for about 10 minutes several times a day. You should advise an eye doctor if you have pain behind your eyes, especially if it’s persistent or affects both eyes equally rather than being milder on one side.

You Have Double Vision That comes and Goes

Double vision is a symptom that can be caused by several things. It can be the result of an eye muscle spasm, inflammation in the eye (mild cases), or a blocked tear duct. It may also indicate a problem with the brain. It’s important to take it seriously if you have double vision because these symptoms could be signs of something more serious, like eye muscle paralysis or disease, brain disorders such as stroke or tumor, and structural abnormalities in your eyes. An eye doctor can help assess why you are having double vision. 

 If you are experiencing symptoms that you think should require an expert’s opinion, contact Insight Vision Care. We are your local eye clinic in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We can help diagnose and manage your symptoms; we also provide pediatric ophthalmology to ensure your young ones have the eye care they need. Contact us to schedule an appointment with your local eye doctor in Eden Prairie, MN.

Optometrist in Eden Prairie Minnesota

Optometrist in Eden Prairie Minnesota

Optometrist in Eden Prairie Minnesota


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