Pediatric Eye Doctor in Edina Minnesota | Signs Your Child Needs Glasses (Part 1)

Pediatric Eye Doctor in Edina Minnesota

Have you been noticing your child is struggling particularly with seeing things? They might need some glasses. It is very common for children’s vision to change as they grow so it may be time to start looking into options for eyeglasses. Here are some signs your child may need glasses: Pediatric Eye Doctor in Edina Minnesota

Your Child Squints to See Better

You may think your child has a lazy eye if he or she squints, but this is actually it can be a sign of poor vision. If you notice that your child squints more on one side than the other, it’s time to get them tested for glasses. If your child is consistently squinting from far away, it might be because their eyes are not working together properly and they cannot see clearly. If they are having trouble seeing in the distance, they may be nearsighted. But if your child is squinting when trying to read things nearby, they might be farsighted. Either way, it would be best to schedule an appointment with a local eye doctor to see what your child needs.

Your Child Sits Close to the TV, Computer, or Other Screens

If your child is sitting close to the TV, computer, or other screens, it could be a sign that they don’t have good vision and need glasses. To get the most from their eyesight, kids should sit at least 20 inches away from the screen. If they’re always sitting up close this could mean that they have issues seeing things clearly. Some children may not know that they have poor vision and will continue to watch things as if everything is fine when in fact it’s not! If you have to remind your child multiple times to not sit so close to the TV, it could mean they are just forgetful (because sometimes children are). However, if you have to constantly remind them it could mean they are not able to see the screen. They might be subconsciously sitting close even though you have reminded them many times not to. If this sounds like your child, take them for an eye exam at a local pediatric ophthalmologist

Your Child is Unable to See Things at a Distance

If you have noticed behavior in your child that points to them not being able to see things far away, this may be a sign they need glasses. If it seems like your child is not able to see the board during class to complete his or her work efficiently, this is a common sign. Or if you are at a sports game with your kid and they are constantly asking the score because they cannot see what it says this is a sign they are nearsighted. Also, if you have noticed your child makes comments like “you can read that?” or “you can see that far?”, this is a sign your child is having vision problems. They might not realize they are seeing below average so they are surprised when they hear you can see something they cannot. Sometimes children do not even realize that you can see the individual leaves on a tree because to them, they have not seen the individual leaves. But once they get their glasses they are amazed at all the detail they can see in the world. 

Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon for children to need glasses. If you notice that your child is having trouble seeing or has a constant headache because of the strain on their eyes, talk to an eye doctor about getting an eye exam for your child. They’ll be able to determine if glasses are needed and help you choose frames that will look great on them! For more information on children’s eyewear, contact Insight Vision Care. We are your local pediatric eye doctor in Edina, Minnesota, and offer several services to benefit the whole family when it comes to healthy vision. 

Pediatric Eye Doctor in Edina Minnesota

Pediatric Eye Doctor in Edina Minnesota

Pediatric Eye Doctor in Edina Minnesota


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