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Pediatric Eye Doctors Edina MN | Signs That Your Child Needs Glasses (Part 2)

Pediatric Eye Doctors Edina MN | Signs That Your Child Needs Glasses (Part 2)

Pediatric Eye Doctors Edina MNHave you been wondering if your child perhaps has some kind of visual impairment and needs glasses? The signs of visual impairment and eye conditions in children aren’t always obvious. Here are some signs that your child may be in need of corrective lenses: Pediatric Eye Doctors Edina MN

Your Child Complains of Eye Pain And/Or Headaches

One sign that your child may have some kind of visual impairment is if they show signs of or complain about having eye pain and/or headaches. Eye pain and headaches can occur when children keep straining their eyes in order to see better. Therefore, if your child says they have eye pain or headaches, you may want to consider bringing your child to see an eye doctor and having their eyes examined.

Your Child Has Difficulty Reading & Focusing

Another sign that your child may be suffering from some type of eye condition is if they appear to have difficulty reading and/or focusing. When it’s hard for a child to see properly, it can affect their ability to read and to concentrate as well, which can have an impact on their academic performance. That’s why it’s important to have your child’s eyesight assessed periodically so that they can get corrective lenses if need be and so that they don’t end up falling behind in school.

Your Child Frequently Tilts Their Head

Lastly, frequent head tilting can also be a sign of your child having certain eye conditions as well. When it comes to some eye conditions, tilting your head can help you to see better, which is what children do sometimes if they are struggling to see properly. If you notice your child tilting their head a lot, then it could be a sign of some kind of underlying eye condition that they may have.

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Pediatric Eye Doctors Edina MN

Pediatric Eye Doctors Edina MN

Pediatric Eye Doctors Edina MN