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Pediatric Eye Doctors Lakeville MN | 3 Signs That Your Child May Need To See An Eye Doctor

Pediatric Eye Doctors Lakeville MN | 3 Signs That Your Child May Need To See An Eye Doctor

Pediatric Eye Doctors Lakeville MNHave you been contemplating whether or not your child may need to see an eye doctor? Visual and eye-related problems sometimes aren’t always apparent, and, even in cases where they are, parents sometimes aren’t sure if they should take their child to see an eye doctor, take them to see some other type of healthcare professional, or if they shouldn’t do anything and see if the situation improves on its own. Here are 3 signs that your child may need to see an eye doctor: Pediatric Eye Doctors Lakeville MN

Squinting, Frequent Headaches & Other Signs of Visual Impairment

One sign that your child may need to be examined by a pediatric eye doctor is if they are exhibiting signs of potential visual impairment. This can include (but is not limited to): squinting, rubbing eyes, sitting too close to the TV, complaining of frequent headaches or eye pain, difficulty reading, holding objects close to their faces, etc. If your child has been showing signs of potential visual impairment, then you may want to consider scheduling an appointment for them to meet with an eye doctor and have their vision and eyes assessed by an eye care professional.

Medical Conditions or Physical Signs

Another sign that your child may be in need of certain eye care services is when they have certain medical conditions or have physical signs of certain eye conditions. Symptoms can include: droopy eyelids, eye alignment issues, eyes that are turned inward or outward, tear duct issues, bumps on the eyelid, etc. Likewise, if a child has certain medical conditions, they may be more at risk to develop visual or eye-related conditions. If your child has a medical condition that puts them at risk for developing vision or eye-related problems, or your child has physical symptoms that may be indicators of some kind of eye condition, then you should consider bringing them to see a pediatric eye doctor.

Eye Injury

Lastly, if your child suffers an eye injury or trauma to the eye, it’s best to bring them to an eye doctor immediately in order to have their eyes treated properly. While non-eye care professionals may be able to help treat certain injuries, it’s best to bring your child to a doctor who specializes in pediatric eye care and have them treat your child’s eye injury instead.

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Pediatric Eye Doctors Lakeville MN

Pediatric Eye Doctors Lakeville MN

Pediatric Eye Doctors Lakeville MN