Pediatric Ophthalmologist Near Minneapolis MN | How To Tell If Your Child Needs Glasses (Part 2)

Pediatric Ophthalmologist Near Minneapolis MN

Does your child appear to be having difficulties seeing properly? Eye-related problems in children are relatively common. However, oftentimes vision-related issues go undetected since parents aren’t always able to recognize the signs that their child has a vision-related condition. Here are some of the signs to look for that indicate that your child needs glasses: Pediatric Ophthalmologist Near Minneapolis MN

Your Child Has Frequent Headaches

One sign that your child many have vision-related issues is if they experience frequent headaches. Headaches can occur as a result of your child straining their eyes in order to be able to see things more clearly. When your child is having trouble seeing properly, then they naturally strain their eyes in an effort to make things look clearer, which can sometimes cause them to have headaches.

Your Child Struggles With Reading

Another sign that your child may be struggling to see properly is if they have difficulties when it comes to reading. If your child is having to squint or strain their eyes in order to read, or they complain of eye pain or headaches when they’re trying to read, then that’s a sign that they may have some kind of vision-related condition. If your child struggles to see when doing activities such as reading, watching TV, and so on, then you should bring them to a pediatric ophthalmologist and have their eyes assessed.

Your Child Frequently Tilts Their Head

Lastly, head tilting also isn’t uncommon in children. Head tilting is generally caused due to an imbalance in the eye muscles and is usually caused due to strabismus. Therefore, if you notice your child tilting their head fairly often, that’s a sign that they may have an eye-related condition that needs to be corrected.

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Pediatric Ophthalmologist Near Minneapolis MN

Pediatric Ophthalmologist Near Minneapolis MN

Pediatric Ophthalmologist Near Minneapolis MN


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