Pediatric Ophthalmologists Minneapolis | Does Your Child Need Eye Surgery?

Pediatric Ophthalmologists Minneapolis

Does your child have some type of eye condition that may require eye surgery in order to be treated? While most eye conditions don’t require any kind of surgical intervention, in some cases, surgery is needed in order to fix whatever problem your child has with their eyes. Here is some information to help you determine if your child may be in need of eye surgery: Pediatric Ophthalmologists Minneapolis

When Is Eye Surgery Called For?

Most eye conditions can be treated via other methods, such as the use of corrective lenses, patching, eye drops, and more. However, certain eye conditions which can’t be treated any other way and that pose a threat to your child’s vision and/or wellbeing/development may need to be treated via eye surgery. Some common types of eye surgery that are common in children include (but are not limited to):

  • Pediatric Eye Muscle Surgery
  • Pediatric Tear Duct Surgery
  • Chalazion Drainage

If your child suffers from an eye condition that may require surgery, then you should contact a pediatric ophthalmologist and have them assess your child’s eyes and vision, and have them determine if your child is in need of eye surgery.

Who Can Perform Eye Surgery?

Despite what some people may think, not just any type of eye doctor can perform eye surgery. While there are many different types of eye doctors out there, such as optometrists, opticians, and so on, most of them aren’t qualified to perform surgery on children’s eyes. That’s why, if your child needs eye surgery, you should bring them to a professional pediatric ophthalmologist to have their eyes operated on.

What Will Happen If Your Child Doesn’t Get Eye Surgery?

Eye surgery is usually only recommended as a last resort or if your child’s eye condition can’t be treated any other way. Moreover, pediatric eye surgery is only recommended if the problem could have a major impact on your child’s eyes, vision, and/or development. If your child doesn’t get eye surgery even after it’s recommended that they do so, then your child’s eyes, vision, or development could potentially suffer as a result. That’s why it’s important to take surgery recommendations seriously and to make sure that your child is getting the care that they need.

To learn more about pediatric eye surgery procedures, feel free to schedule an appointment with your local pediatric ophthalmology clinic in Minneapolis MN, Insight Vision Care, today.

Pediatric Ophthalmologists Minneapolis

Pediatric Ophthalmologists Minneapolis

Pediatric Ophthalmologists Minneapolis


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