Pediatric Ophthalmology Minneapolis Minnesota | What To Know About Dry Eyes In Children (Part 1)

Pediatric Ophthalmology Minneapolis Minnesota

Children’s dry eye syndrome is a rare condition, but it can have an impact on your child’s vision. As a result, if your child repeatedly complains about having dry and/or itchy eyes, you should listen to them. Dry eye syndrome can be caused by a number of different circumstances, and it can also be a symptom of autoimmune, endocrine, congenital, or inflammatory diseases. If your child’s eyes are frequently dry, you should have their eyes looked at by a professional, as vision and eye problems may develop over time if your child’s dry eyes are not treated. Here are some facts about children’s chronic dry eyes: Pediatric Ophthalmology Minneapolis Minnesota

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome refers to a condition wherein your eyes’ tears aren’t able to provide adequate moisture for your eyes. Dry eyes can be uncomfortable and can make seeing difficult, and can even have an effect on people’s ability to read and concentrate. It can sometimes even lead to impaired vision.

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome in children?

Dry eyes are irritating for adults as well as children, and they can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Here are some of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome in children:

  • Regularly rubbing eyes
  • Dry and hot feeling eyes
  • A sandy or gritty sensation in the eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Blinking frequently
  • Redness around the eyes
  • Difficulty reading, working on a computer, or performing any other activity that requires visual focus
  • Eye stinging or burning feeling
  • Blurry vision

What should you do when your child has chronically dry eyes?

While treatment for this condition depends on the underlying cause, treatment options may include artificial tears, dietary adjustments, prescription eye drops, and/or warm compresses. Your child’s dry eyes can and should be treated by a professional eye doctor, like those at Insight Vision. Our eye doctors will work with you to treat this condition.

If your child’s eyes are chronically dry, then you should bring them to a pediatric ophthalmologist near Minneapolis MN to have their eyes assessed and diagnosed. A pediatric ophthalmologist, like Insight Vision, will also be able to suggest treatment options and do any necessary procedures.

Pediatric Ophthalmology Minneapolis Minnesota

Pediatric Ophthalmology Minneapolis Minnesota

Pediatric Ophthalmology Minneapolis Minnesota


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