Signs Your Child is Having Vision Problems (Part 1)

Signs Your Child is Having Vision Problems

Vision problems may or may not be obvious when it comes to your child. Your child’s performance may be impacted in and out of the classroom due to vision problems. It’s important to be aware of the signs to help determine if your child is enduring vision problems and would benefit from glasses. Visiting your pediatric eye doctor is vital to promoting adequate vision, health, and wellness for your child. Here are 3 signs to watch for to help determine if your child is impacted by vision problems: Signs Your Child is Having Vision Problems


If you notice your child is excessively squinting, this can indicate that they are having a hard time seeing what’s in front of them. It could mean that your child has a refractive error, which impacts how the eye can focus on something. The act of squinting can sometimes help temporarily better the eye’s focus on an object and the clarity of the object in a person’s perception. If your child is frequently squinting, schedule an appointment with your local children’s eye doctor to help diagnose the problem and learn about treatments.

Trouble Concentrating in School

Having trouble in school isn’t an uncommon issue for many children, and the causes can vary drastically. However, many parents don’t necessarily realize that having difficulty in school can indicate that your child’s vision is hindering school performance. Schoolwork typically requires children to accurately utilize their vision and focus on a variety of things, many times at a rapid pace that requires quick focus from a distance to something near (such as a chalkboard at the front of the room to a book in your child’s hands). This can be frustrating for any child experiencing vision problems and can quickly lead to distractions.

Closing One Eye or Head Tilting

If you notice that your child is covering up one of their eyes in order to improve their vision, this can indicate that they are trying to increase their visual clarity. Tilting the head (in order to adjust the angle of sight) can also be an indicator. Closing one eye or tilting the head can sometimes indicate eye misalignment or that your child has amblyopia. Up to 5% of children have amblyopia, and early diagnosis is crucial for maximal improvement.

Your child’s vision impacts virtually every moment of their waking hours and it’s important to ensure their eyes are healthy. If you notice your child squinting, struggling in school, and/or closing one eye or tilting their head to see, it’s important you contact your local pediatric eye doctor in Edina MN to help your child get the proper care they need. Insight Vision Care, your local optometrist in Edina MN, can help diagnose and treat your child’s vision problems, whether they need glasses, surgery, or other treatment. Watch for Part 2 of this blog series for more information.

Signs Your Child is Having Vision Problems

Signs Your Child is Having Vision Problems


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