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Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN

One of the most prevalent eye-related issues that children can have is eye allergies. If your child’s eyes are itchy, red, or watery, then they may have eye allergies. Environmental allergens, such as pollen, dust, or mold, are frequently the source of eye allergies in children. Moreover, when children are upset, they tend to touch and wipe their eyes, which can exacerbate any allergy symptoms they have. Here are some of the things to know concerning children’s eye allergies: Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN

Symptoms of Eye Allergies

Although young children may not be able to properly articulate the types of symptoms they are experiencing, their actions may indicate that they are suffering from an allergic reaction. Such symptoms may include frequent eye rubbing and crying. Many of the signs of eye allergies are easy to identify, even if your child can’t communicate to you what’s wrong.

Eye allergies in children can cause the following symptoms:

  • Swollen eyelids
  • Redness in the area of the eye and on the eyeball
  • Watery eyes
  • Itching or burning in the eyes that causes them to rub them

If you suspect your child is experiencing eye allergies, contact your local Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN to get a consultation. We can answer all your questions and concerns about your child’s eye health. Reach out to us today to get an appointment scheduled!

Cause of Eye Allergies

Allergic conjunctivitis (allergic conjunctivitis) occurs when allergens enter the eye. Pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander are all common types of allergens or irritants. Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) can also cause itchy, watery, and red eyes in children. Eye allergy-related irritation develops mostly in the tissue that surrounds the eyeball and forms the interior of the eyelids. If a child tries to flush out the allergens, their eyes may tear up.

How To Know If It’s Allergies or Conjunctivitis

If your child’s eyes are puffy and red, you might worry if they have allergies or conjunctivitis (more commonly known as “pink eye”). There are a few distinctions between the disorders that can help you when it comes to determining which is causing your child’s symptoms.

Irritants and Conjunctivitis:

  • Conjunctivitis commonly begins in one eye after exposure to environmental irritants (dirt, smoke, or chemicals).
  • A child with allergies does not normally have discharge from their eyes or a fever, although these symptoms are common when it comes to infections, such as conjunctivitis.


  • Allergies usually affect both eyes at the same time.
  • Other signs of allergies in children include sneezing and a runny nose.

If you are unsure if your child has eye allergies or pink eye, reach out to a trusted local Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN to learn more about what is causing your child’s discomfort. Insight Vision Care will help you and your child so contact us today! We can answer all your questions about your and your child’s eye health. Also, visit out website, for more information about eye health and eyewear!.

To learn more about the types of eye care we provide here at Insight Vision Care, feel free to contact your local eye doctors in Eden Prairie MN, today. We are your local Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN who looks forward to helping you or your child with your eye health. We know how important health is when it comes to your eyes and your vision so we take our patients seriously. If you or your child is looking for your next eye doctor, reach out to Insight Vision today!

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Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN

Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN

Pediatric Ophthalmologist Eden Prairie MN


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